I finally got around to setting up and migrating all of my previously written articles to a new permanent website to replace the old one that died with the old server. I had been using a temporary solution for some time now, and although it did its job well, it has outlived its usefulness.

With the new website comes a new domain name (http://badecho.com), although I’ll be keeping my old domain (http://omniscientist.net) active until I’ve had 301 redirects in place for all the articles for a few months or so.

Lots to do though still..need to set up management accounts with Google, etc.

Matt Weber

I'm the founder of Bad Echo LLC, which offers consulting services to clients who need an expert in C#, WPF, Outlook, and other advanced .NET related areas. I enjoy well-designed code, independent thought, and the application of rationality in general. You can reach me at matt@badecho.com.

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