I finally got around to setting up and migrating all of my previously written articles to a new permanent website to replace the old one that died with the old server. I had been using a temporary solution for some time now, and although it did its job well, it has outlived its usefulness. With [Read on for more...]


I love expression trees. They were a great addition to the .NET Framework. I do get a sense from the community that they are somewhat underutilized, however that may just be the nature of things that lack triviality. Let’s spend some time on expression trees and talk a bit about how one might go about [Read on for more...]


If your web application product has any 32-bit dependencies that, for some reason, you are unable to shed, and if you are installing on a 64-bit Windows Server environment, you need to turn on the ‘Enable 32-Bit Applications’ setting found on the application pool. Failure to do so will typically result in a non-functioning application. [Read on for more...]


As my previous article dealt on the .NET configuration system, so shall this one. For today, I’d like to talk about the concept and implementation of named configuration elements, and how they can make implementing your configuration infrastructure simpler. What Are Named Configuration Elements? Named configuration elements are configuration elements that use an assigned name as their keys. [Read on for more...]


Some easy reading for today. I recently completed the process of designing and implementing the configuration layer for my company’s new platform. As with everything I’m doing with the new product, a practical amount of care and consideration was devoted towards ensuring that this particular piece was being committed in a manner as correct as [Read on for more...]


I’ve been busy designing and building my company’s new product, so I haven’t had much time to write lately. In a previous article I wrote, I went into depth regarding the various ways we could perform validation on method parameters using PostSharp. At the conclusion of that article, we ended up with a solution that gave [Read on for more...]


Not so long ago, I wrote concerning my interest in an AOP framework for .NET: PostSharp. Wasn’t a terribly interesting entry; such shallow meanderings have no place here! Let us correct that by delving into something a bit more interesting and dangerous. Just a bit of a disclaimer up front: PostSharp’s public API is fairly well documented; [Read on for more...]


PostSharp is a very impressive framework that makes the task of doing AOP a very pleasing process. I’ve been so impressed that I’ve recently decided that we’ll be making use of it during development of the next generation of my company’s main product line. The very notion of IL weaving is something that terrifies some individuals [Read on for more...]


A user comment recently alerted me to the need to update a past article I wrote on integrating MSBuild and WiX so that one might achieve build automation with WiX. My previous article was written a long time ago, and probably was done before actually implementing the process in practice. How I actually integrated WiX [Read on for more...]


We recently acquired a brand new and very powerful server at my company. Its purpose is to act as a host for a very large virtual environment. In getting it prepared for use, I wanted to be able to set it up so many or all of its functions could be administered remotely. I design, [Read on for more...]

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