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About Me

Who Am I? Is This Omni!?

You may know me as Matt Weber, either professionally or under some other mundane social context. But you most likely know me as that shadowy hacker partnered streamer guy who goes by the name Omni on Twitch. Yeah, that one guy who hacks games to make them chaotically insane, who also figured out how to make game-neutral mods that can work with any game he gets his claws on. I think he was really popular for a bit when he played that one Skyrim game way too much…

But that’s only during the night. By day, I’m Matt Weber, a professional software engineer who has been in the biz for 14 years or so. I’m an expert with a variety of technologies, and have lots of experience with software architecting and design under my belt.

Shows a picture of Omni looking very sus.
The true face of Matt Weber, also known as Omni.

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities, and if you’re looking for someone to help you build a company from the ground up through the creation of innovative software systems originating from truly outside-of-the-box thinking, I might be your man! I like making things happen that normally can’t happen.

Need to see what I’ve done professionally? Check out my resume here.

I also offer software consulting services for .NET as well as reverse engineering concerns, including the type of software assembly hacking you see on my site. If you’re interested in working with me, contact me at

My Journey

I grew up in the suburbs outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and studied Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where I still live to this day. There I met my beautiful, caring, and amazingly tolerant future-wife Eve, who shares my passion towards gaming and all things techno-wizardry related.

After graduating, I began work at a small company that I helped to grow, eventually taking the mantle of Lead Developer. I became an expert in the .NET Framework, Windows technologies, as well as many other things such as reverse engineering poorly documented enterprise services such as Exchange and Outlook.

During my time as Lead Developer I had the opportunity to architect and implement an ambitious new rapid development platform to replace our line of software, which very large corporations used all across the world to help them schedule meetings and resources.

Eventually we were acquired, and after working at another gig for a bit, I decided to take a break from software development and start the whacky, insane, and amazing journey of streaming my strange content to all of you.

Writing about my journey of streaming and entertaining others would take up too much space to fit here. You will be able to find very extensive, and sometimes sobering, accounts of my streaming adventures in my Musings section, which is where I put all my general, slice-of-life, writings here on my hackpad.

Although I achieved a surprisingly level of popularity and fame (relatively speaking of course!) with my streaming escapades, I always regretted that I never applied my development expertise to my content.

That all changed during the month of November, 2019, when I started to make games Omnified on stream. That has since evolved into my creation of a burgeoning platform and Omnified technologies and frameworks, all intended to provide the world with an insane, enlightening, and unique form of entertainment. This helped reignite my passion for software development, and I’m back doing that during the day as well.

Thank you for your interest in me, and I hope you gain only joy and knowledge from your use of my hackpad and your viewings of my content.