Game Code Disassembly. Omnified Modification. Madness.

I’m Omni, a partnered streamer on Twitch on an eternal quest to create and share ridiculously difficult and absurd gameplay experiences. I love dying in games. I love overwhelming and unfair odds.

Most games fail to deliver in this regard though, so I’ve taken it upon myself to disassemble the games I play and weave specially crafted raw CPU instructions into the game to create a unique experience that has come to be known as Omnified.

I do this with every game I play, and then share the insanity with the world by broadcasting the playthrough live on my stream. Making the games I play Omnified, however, is a very involved process that has resulted in an ever evolving game-neutral modification framework maintained by yours truly.

This site serves as a repository for all the work I do in the disassembly and modification of the games I play. All news and information relating to my stream, detailed articles for each Omnified game, as well as disassembly tutorials, observations, and developments made in Omnified design philosophy and its resulting framework can be found here.

The face of Omni.
It’s me! Omni!

Hackpad Sections

I use my hackpad to host a wide array of types of my writings; I’ve broken them up into the following sections:

1. Game Hacking

You’ll find the main body of content on this site over in the Games section. You can either click the ‘+’ icon left of the Games category on the site navigation tree (shown at the upper right) to get a list of games, or just click on the category link itself for the most recent unfiltered posts. The articles in this section go over, in great detail, my hacking of the various games I’m streaming.

2. Omnified Design

For articles that delve deep into general software reverse engineering and hacking techniques, as well as documentation of my various Omnified systems, you’ll want to head on over to the Omnified Design section of the site. Scratch your head when you hear me ramble on about stuff like the Apocalypse system? You’ll want to check that section out.

3. General Software Development

The programming technologies discussed in the previous two sections will mainly revolve around the oh-so-lovely (and oh-so-feared) assembly language. Whatever is talked about, it probably won’t be very high level. I am very familiar with higher level technologies, however, and may wish to write about them! You can find all general software development articles inside the General Dev section.

4. Stream News and Information

Chances are you might know who I am because you might have stumbled on or may even regularly watch my stream on Twitch. For everything having to do with my stream itself, be it news or schedules, check out the Stream Info section of the site.

Latest Posts by Omni

For the latest posts across all sections, look no further than below: