Game Code Disassembly. Omnified Modification. Madness.

Hello! I’m Matt Weber: designer of software, habitual disassembler, and partnered streamer on Twitch (which I’m better known as Omni on).

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet, where I commit to writing down all things, be they technological or illogical, that I see value in sharing with the world.

That’s the hope, anyway…

The articles featured on my hackpad consist of both the knowledge I’ve collected over the years from the many unique software design related challenges I’ve had to contend with in a professional capacity, as well as information pertaining to all the crazy projects I’ve got cooking up in regards to my various Bad Echo software technologies.

Bad Echo software technologies consist of powerful, general-purpose frameworks (currently in the process of being published in full), as well as the unique applications built on top of them; applications such as the Omnified platform, which comprises a number of technologies that all together make it possible to change gameplay experiences via game-neutral binary modification.

Over the last few years, I’ve been busy working on the Omnified platform while entertaining audiences with the results on my Twitch stream. The Omnified experiment is nearing its conclusion however, the ending of which will lead to the beginning of a new kind of journey into the unknown.

Recently, I’ve come up with what I feel to be is a fabulous idea for a game, and we’ll therefore be seeing a shift in focus in regards to the development of my Bad Echo technologies in order to make that a reality. Development of this new game will be starting soon, and any and all details related to this new game will be posted here.

The face of Omni.
Me at TwitchCon, when I was in full streamer form.

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