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Once an Omnified game is beaten on stream, a “tombstone” is created for it, signifying how the game is now dead as dirt, as Omnifying a game (making it incredibly hard) and then beating it essentially murders the game. The tombstone contains various interesting and important statistics for the playthrough, such as the number of deaths, as well as the final version of the Omnified hack itself.

The statistics allow one to gauge the difficulty of the Omnified experience for the particular game. Technically, one could determine what the hardest Omnified game is based on which game has the highest number of deaths. Of course there are other factors to take into consideration, such as the length of the standard game, but this is more or less how we gauge difficulty.

Published Omnified Hacks

The Omnified hack used to power the Omnified playthrough can be found on that game’s tombstone. The published hack is made available in two different forms:

1. Source Code

The complete source code for the hack is made available on the tombstone through a downloadable zip archive. This contains all the files that were used to effectuate the Omnified gameplay on the stream.

These files will contain all the assembly code I’ve written in the form of a Cheat Engine table typically and maybe some LUA files. To use them, you will need a recent version Cheat Engine installed. Load the table, make sure you’re attached to the process (it will do so automatically if you open the table after the game is running), and then check the OMNIFY checkbox.

2. Binary Executable

If you are among the (probably majority of) people who don’t want to deal with all this source code technical jibber jabber nonsense, you will appreciate that I also make available the hack in the form of an easy to run, binary executable. This is a simple .exe file that you can run while the game is running that allows you to Omnify the game at the click of a mouse button.

The instructions to use the executable are very simple:

  1. Start up the game you wish to Omnify.
  2. Once the game is running, double click on the .exe hack file.
  3. Check the checkbox next to the words “Enable Omnification”.
  4. If no error messages appeared, you are good to go.

That’s all you need to do! No need to download any third-party programs, no need to pour over arcane source code. Just run the .exe and enjoy your increased deaths.

Version Support

The hacks published with the tombstones are only guaranteed to work with the whatever version that the game happened to be when I hacked and streamed it. I will make a reasonable effort to ensure the hack is working with the latest version if one has come out during the time I was streaming the game, but other than that, any version that comes out after I’m done streaming it will simply not be supported.

If you really need a hack updated to a particular version, I have a guide posted on my YouTube that demonstrates techniques for upgrading assembly hacks to support a newer version of a binary:

If you still need my assistance to upgrade something to work with the latest version you’ll be happy to know that I do offer consulting services you can take advantage of. Feel free to contact me with your ideas and we can discuss terms and rate.

Legacy Tombstones

Only tombstones that have been created since the creation of this website (9/2020) can be found on this website. All previous tombstones for games I’ve beaten since the start of Omnified gaming (11/2019) can be found on my Discord server. Feel free to join that at: