Omnified Witcher 3 Has Been Beaten

Omnified Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has been beaten on stream; when one beats an Omnified game, that game has been beaten dead. Therefore, herein lies Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, struck down while Omnified with fervent tenacity.

As always, important statistics for the run are provided here, along with the official series playlist.

Some Stats

  • Date Completed: June 6th, 2021
  • Number of Deaths: 1171
  • Number of Streams: 39

Series Playlist

Relive the vicious and traumatic beatdowns visited upon both the game and Omni (mainly Omni) with the official playthrough series playlist.

The official Omnified Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt playthrough.

Omnifying Articles

Articles where I show you how I Omnified and hacked Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt in a detailed fashion can be found here.

Hack Source Code

Source code can be found on the Bad Echo technologies source repository here.

Hack Binary Executable

I’m developing an automated process which will produce new binary executables and make them available on the source repository when changes to the code have been made.

I was going to hold off on providing the easy-to-use Omnified binary executable for this game, but due to popular demand, I’m providing it here now for you all!

I even spent some time and improved the interface, adding clickable check boxes you can use in order to apply some of those special Omnified effects:

Shows the new interface for the easy-to-use Omnified executable.
A nice new interface with more options, based on advice from my lovely wife Eve <3.

Please consult the main tombstones page for instructions on how to use the hacks.

See ya next game.