Omnified Horizon Zero Dawn Has Been Beaten

Omnified Horizon Zero Dawn has been beaten on stream; when one beats an Omnified game, that game has been beaten dead. Therefore, herein lies Horizon Zero Dawn, struck down while Omnified with fervent tenacity.

As always, important statistics for the run are provided here, along with the official series playlist and the public release of the Omnified hack.

Some Stats

  • Date Completed: October 12th, 2020
  • Number of Deaths: 702
  • Number of Streams: 22

Series Playlist

Relive the vicious beatdowns visited upon both the game and Omni (mainly Omni) with the official playthrough series.

The official Omnified Horizon Zero Dawn playthrough.

Omnifying Playlist

This game had an “Omnifying” video series created for it, where I show you how I Omnified and hacked the game in a nice format perfect for people who have trouble reading more than a few paragraphs.

The Omnifying Horizon Zero Dawn series.

Hack Source Code

Please consult the main tombstones page for instructions on how to use the hacks.