New schedule!

Prior to the advent of Omnified 2.0, and the switch over to a live hacking workspace, all games were Omnified in secret (well not really in secret, as I did a lot of it on stream)!

While the source code would eventually get published, the place an Omnified game’s code would wind up depended on how old it was. They were first published to my Discord server, and then on the various tombstone articles on the hackpad, etc. A very disparate collection.

The source code files for these legacy Omnified games have never been published to a proper source control repository…

Until now!

As part of my efforts during the transition of the Omnified experience from a “full-time” to a “whenever-I-wish-to-do-it” endeavor, I have published the complete collection of all the games I Omnified prior to the adoption of a formalized Omnified framework (i.e., the live hacking workspace repository).

So, Where Is the Legacy Omnified Code?

You can find the newly added section for these “legacy targets”, right here on the Bad Echo source control!

Each game is chronologically listed in legacyTargets source control directory linked above, in order to document the progress and evolution of what it meant to be “Omnified”. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish.

And while there is absolutely zero support being offered by myself for any of these older titles, I am quite certain that there’s some valuable hacking information in more than a few of them that some intrepid binary explorers out there will find quite useful.