Tick tock tick tock. New schedule for Omni in 2021.

New Stream Schedule, Effective in March

Hello all! I have an update for you in regards to when you’ll be able to catch me live on my Twitch stream. I have moved some days around in order for the times to jive a bit better with my non-stream activities, and have also lengthened the stream times.


2021 Schedule – Version 2.0




      • Stream!



        • Stream!


        • Stream!

        • Movies on Discord


        • Eve and Omni Co-op Stream

        Times May Vary

        Although I try to be consistent with the times I publish to my schedule, note that I will be under no extreme pressure to ever get the stream live by the exact starting times that are indicated. I’m just including this bit of text in the post to give myself some wiggle room — if we look at how I followed the previous version of this schedule, I think most would agree that I was near 100% compliant with it.

        You’ll get the most use out of this schedule by using it to get a general feeling as to when I’ll have a stream going, and you can then monitor my Discord server to get an exact “goings-on” for the day.

        New Co-op and Community Stream Day!

        I’ve made it official. On Sundays, Eve and I will be playing a game together on stream for you all to enjoy watching. If that’s not enough (and if the game allows it), viewers will be allowed to play with us as well. At the time of writing, we’re currently playing Don’t Starve Together, but I’m sure we’ll be playing a wide variety of games with you all.

        Note that the voice chat is just for Eve and me, unless we’re doing some intense activity that does require voice communication among a number of peoples (i.e. some group activity in Guild Wars 2 or some such thing).

        All other stream days listed on the schedule will continue to be for streaming Omnified content only.

        Thanks for your interest, and see you at the stream!