The Second Year of Omnification Begins

As the rather interesting year of 2020 ends and 2021 begins, we enter a new age of the Omnified experience. I technically started doing this during November of 2019, but it took quite some time to even do the most simple of hacking-related tasks. To keep things poetic and a bit romantic, let’s just say we didn’t really get going with our first Omnified playthrough until 2020 started.

Now that we’re at the cusp of a new year, the outlook from where I’m sitting is markedly different than last year. There are many exciting technologies I’m developing that will greatly enhance the Omnified experience, the core of which I’m working to improve as well.

I wanted to make a sort of proclamation laying out what I’m doing and when I’ll be doing it, so here it is: a little roadmap for the start of 2021. I won’t be able to ascribe times estimating when each project presented here will be completed, however I can say that I will be working on each item in the order that they’re presented here (although some may be worked on concurrently, of course).

I. Playtesting of Omnified Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

With the publishing of the article on the implementation of the Abomnification system into Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, yet another game has achieved the hallowed status of becoming Omnified.

And of course, before debuting the the final product live on stream, I’ll want to test out a few hours of gameplay first. This, I imagine, will probably take at least a few days, depending on what I find. If any follow up articles are warranted due to any of the changes I’ve made, I’ll be sure to publish them during this period of time.

II. Omnified Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Playthrough on Stream

Once the playtesting is concluded, I’ll be proudly debuting a full playthrough of Omnified Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla on my stream. I’m looking forward to it. The Assassin’s Creed games are much more fun once Omnified, for me of course (I shouldn’t speak for all of you!).

Omnified Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was actually the first ever Omnified game, albeit a much more basic form of Omnified than what we have now. So, it is only fitting that we start this new year with the next entry in the series.

III. Design Articles on the Predator/Abomnification Systems

Sometime while playing through Omnified Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla I will work on and publish the much-needed formal Omnified Design articles on my Predator and Abomnification systems.

I’ve grown quite tired of always having to promise that they will be available soon on each article I write which implements one of them, so I look forward to their publication!

IV. Omnification and Playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077

After we complete the playthrough of Omnified Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the next game on the chopping block will be the much talked about Cyberpunk 2077.

While this game has been all the rage for people, I actually know nothing about it. Whether or not it sucks, it will be made great through Omnification. Hopefully any initial bugs people are having with the game will be fixed around the time I get to it.

As it is a very new game, and one talked about by lots of folks, I’m expecting the hacking articles to be very interesting, as they will expose the underpinnings of this game in a way that all other efforts to “modify” it will barely touch.

V. Development of Vision

During and/or following the playthrough of Omnified Cyberpunk 2077, I will begin development of Vision in earnest. It will be an extensible platform consisting of a number of pluggable modules dedicated to the beautiful display of data exported by Omnified powered game hacks.

A sampling of some of the modules Vision will consist of:

  • Statistics (damage, health, coordinates, etc.)
  • Apocalypse (the event log)
  • DPS Meter (yes, any Omnified game will have automatic DPS meter support — this is huge!)

All of these modules will come together in the form of a beautifully presented screen overlay that will be visible to all watching my stream.

It will be coded using C# and .NET 5.0 and will be powered by my Bad Echo general libraries, which are code libraries that consist of general purpose, useful, and powerful .NET code that I’ve created over the years.

Although its creation is for my own personal use, I’m designing it in a way to make it possible for use by the wider public if I’m so inclined to make it available in that regard. Whatever happens there, expect a number of technology articles to come about that share with you all the interesting problems I had to overcome and the solutions required to solve them.

VI. Omnification and Playthrough of Unknown Game

After work on Vision completes, or is near completion, I imagine that I’ll be in the middle of Omnifying yet another game. That game is, as of yet, undetermined! Any suggestions are welcome.

VII. Development of BinaryRedeemer

The final project I’ll include on this roadmap for the first part of 2021 is BinaryReedemer, which will be a service that will provide automatic fulfillment of redeemed Twitch channel points (as well as Bits) through direct manipulation of the game I’m playing.

In other words, redeeming a buff to my character that increases my speed through channel points during my stream will cause the desired effect to automatically be applied to my game, along with a visual display of the buff being added to the screen overlay that will show what has changed, and how long until it expires.

This is going to be revolutionary in the world of streaming! You will have the power to directly affect my game. And I will be adding some juicy morsels to it, such as the ability to immediately murder my character provided a certain amount of Bits are donated.

That’s It! Stay Watching and in Contact!

That’s all for this New Year’s 2021 roadmap. Thank you for your interest in this burgeoning new world of gameplay.

Please stay tuned to new information posted to this site, and check out my stream at, and say hello to everyone on my Discord server at!

Until next time.