Game Code Disassembly. Omnified Modification. Madness.

Omnified Design

Contains articles discussing all aspects of Omnified game-neutral systems, design principles, and hacking techniques can be found here.

These articles will have a particular focus on my game-neutral Omnified systems, such as the Apocalypse, Predator, and Abomnification systems. However, any technique or piece of technology I develop that is related to the Omnification of games (while not being specific to a particular game) will find its home here as well.

While it is useful to see how I implement my systems and get specific hacks to work in game specific articles, true understanding of how these systems work requires some in depth dedicated documentation and reading.

Omnified design is a topic that encompasses all the various technologies I’ve made and tricks I’ve figured out that make the things I do with games possible; it covers everything from very game-oriented topics to housekeeping matters such as how I reference external framework assembly files into my game hacks.