Some code, zoomed in. Fancy.

All Bad Echo Code, Now Available in One Place

Good day to everyone. Your favorite hacker is here with some news that I hope you’ll find exciting…or at least semi-noteworthy. Over many years I’ve written a treasure trove of code that I’ve found essential to my various software development efforts. Recently, I’ve written quite a bit of code which I’ve labeled as “Omnified” to aid me in the hacking of games.

Today, I’ve decided to slowly begin to make this code publicly available and findable in one place. Over the next few months, I’ll be slowly adding more and more of my Bad Echo and Omnified technologies to this repository. You can find my Bad Echo technologies source code repository over on GitHub at the following address:

A link has also been added to the navigational menu here on my hackpad, ensuring that you’ll always be able to find my code simply by clicking on the Source Code link found there.

More Code to Be Added Daily

At the time of writing, the only code you’ll see in the repository are the beginnings of my Bad Echo core and UI frameworks. These are code libraries, with one aiding in general purpose matters, and the other aiding in user interface related concerns. You will notice that they leverage Microsoft’s very new .NET 5.0 technology, which the majority of my code will use (if it isn’t using that, well then it is probably assembly code).

By itself, neither of these do much yet as they are simply starting steps; foundations that will serve as such while I slowly port my treasure trove of code to this newest iteration of .NET. Additionally, you will eventually begin to see Omnified-specific code appear here as this repository slowly becomes my active workspace for the hacked games that I stream.

It will please me greatly to be able to share what I’ve made with all of you, and it will feel good to finally have my name on all of it. My code is the result of countless hours of work and research into the best of way to do things. I highly suspect more than a few individuals will find it interesting and useful.

As always, thank you for your interest, and take care. And, once again, please be patient, there’s is lots and lots of code soon to show up on the repository.