As I write this, Omnified Nioh 2 is the current Omnified game being streamed on my channel on Twitch. And, after completing it, it will become the last Omnified game.

After nearly two years and 27 different games Omnified and beaten by yours truly on stream, it is unfortunately time for this grand endeavor of mine to come to a close.

The Waters Have Been Tested

I came up with concept of game Omnification both as a means for me to showcase material to the viewing public which I deemed unique as well as for myself to learn about a topic I found extremely intimidating (reverse engineering and modification of software through injected assembly).

I’m extremely proud how the technology behind it all turned out, with new things being created all the time: from the formalization of a true Omnified assembly injection framework, to the birth of the Vision game data visualization platform.

Omnified gaming was also meant to be a last-ditch effort in my many-years-long effort of trying to build up my stream and audience once again. I truly felt, and still strongly feel, that what the Omnified experience provides as far as entertainment and noteworthiness goes is huge; something that may have been able to generate interest and an engage following.

But, at the end of it all, interest in the stream is lower than ever, pretty much the lowest it’s ever been during my roughly 4.5 years of streaming. Given the extreme amount of energy, time, and effort that Omnifying games as well as playing Omnified games requires, it’s time to move on and dedicate my energy to something else.

A Finished Initial Vision Will Be Completed

Once again, I’m truly proud of what I’ve made, and I don’t intend to leave any of it in an unfinished state. I’m currently in the middle of developing the second plugin for my Vision platform, one that will add support for visualizing the events that are fired off by my Apocalypse system.

This will absolutely be completed, so that this body of work I started on these few years ago are left as finished products, at least as far as an initial “vision” of all this goes.

A little sneak peak at an Apocalypse event being shown on a screen overlay via Vision.
A little sneak peek at an Apocalypse event being shown on a screen overlay via Vision.

Following its completion, I’ll showcase it on the last few streams of Omnified Nioh 2.

What’s Next?

All of this is a great lead into something that I swore (publicly, I think?) I would begin at the beginning of this year once 2022 hit anyways.

I’ve come up with a great idea for a game, and I’m going to be developing it, along with my wife. Look forward to that! And yes, I will be taking my sweet ass time with it (I say that now…).

Thank You, Everyone Who Enjoyed It

I hope this article doesn’t come across as one drenched in some form of depression, though let there be no doubt that making this decision was very difficult for me. This journey was freaking awesome, and we did things that no one has ever done before, and certainly has never streamed.

I wouldn’t have been able to have done any of it without those folks who gave me their time and attention; and really, that is the truth, as it would’ve been meaningless without you all there to see it. You fine individuals know who you are.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be streaming the odd game occasionally, whenever I’m needing a break from a hardcore game development session, or when I just need to let off some steam.