Omni TV! The place to watch Omni when he streams to his hackpad.

The Place for All Omni Content Too Hot for Twitch

…well, not that kind of content.

But close enough! Indeed, there are many times I wish to be able to stream to my loyal viewers, yet the content in question is not particularly appropriate for appearing on my Twitch channel. This includes the movies that I watch with my viewers each Saturday (this particular day of the week being based on the schedule at the time of writing). Up until now, I’ve been watching movies with my community through a simple screen share on Discord. Not any longer!

Now, with this new feature added to my hackpad, I am able to actually stream the movies, as if I were streaming a game on Twitch! You’ll get friendly looking Omni in the corner, laughing or crying at the current movie, and I’ll be also sure to ruin all the most moving scenes with an inappropriate sound byte.

You can access Omni TV by clicking here, or by clicking on the Omni TV link on the site’s navigation bar found to the right of this (or bottom of page, if you’re on mobile). So, from now on, during Movies on Discord nights, head on over to the Omni TV page to view whatever we’re watching. Chatting with me and the other viewers will remain on my Discord server, over on the #omni-tv text channel.

Why Omni TV?

The creation of a private server for streaming to was inspired by movie night on Discord, primarily due to how dissatisfied I grew with Discord’s screen sharing capabilities. A full night (or hell, a few hours) without streaming difficulties, be it from stuttering video and audio, to no audio at all, was a very rare occurrence. The incentive seems to be to get you to sign up for Discord Nitro, something I used to not have to worry about when I was a Discord Partner (until they yanked that away from me, at least).

It turns out that isn’t even enough, as you need boosts to the server you’re on in order to get better than crap quality. Even then, I am highly suspect of whatever is being used to share video streams on Discord. Why settle for that, when we can have amazing quality functional streams of our own using OBS?

That leads to the other reason behind having a private stream server: I can do everything within the same OBS instance I use for streaming to Twitch! All of my gadgets are there, and I’m there, at least how you see me when I’m being captured by web cam. I always thought it’d be quite enjoyable to be watching movies with a streamer, and now such a thing is possible with Omni TV.

It’s Not Working!

Well it isn’t going to work unless I’m streaming something to it! As it stands, the only scheduled event with which I’ll be using it is during my weekly movie night. It very well may get some use outside of movie night times, however this will either be unannounced or only announced on my Discord server. So, for the most part, you shouldn’t expect it to connect to a stream outside of these instances!

Eventually I’ll wire it up so it’ll play some older Omni-related content, or at least link to somewhere where you can watch some. Baby steps. For now, I’m pleased with how it looks and how it should behave on all of your ends. I hope you enjoy these soon to come officially ‘unofficial’ private Omni streams! See you there when they happen!