Streams are on hiatus until the Vision app is developed.

I’ve been streaming nearly every day for around four years, so you may be wondering why you’re not seeing any Omni streams as of late.

Is Omni finally calling it quits? Giving up? Nope!

New things are afoot, my friends…

Streams on Hold Until Vision App Is Developed

Even though my stream may not as be as popular as it used to be, I have zero doubts that the Omnified content I’ve been making for you all has been my best work I’ve ever produced in terms of creativity and entertainment value. It’s something I’m truly proud of.

It’s time to bring into reality the next stage of Omnified content with the integration of a growing (higher-level) technology stack that I’ve been transplanting from my private library into a public repository. Using this technology stack, we’re going to elevate the Omnified experience to insane levels with an application that shall come to be known as Vision.

It is named Vision because that’s exactly what it does: it gives you vision or sight into the inner workings of a game. In our case, we’ll be looking into hacked game data mined by Omnified processes that is of interest to us. And, it will be doing so in a beautiful fashion.

Currently, hacked Omnified game stats are displayed on stream using a very primitive interface. This interface is essentially a window capture of Notepad++ opened to a file being maintained by a LUA script executed by some assembly code injected into the target game binary.

As you can imagine, this results in a rather uninspiring look and presentation for said stats; also, due to technical limitations with OBS and how it displays text originating from files across a network (long story), the stats only update in intervals of 3 or so seconds.

Shows how Omnified stats are currently displayed on stream, in a very primitive and ugly fashion.
Hacked game stats are displayed in a very primitive fashion currently.

There’s very little I can do to customize how the stats look when I’m basically forced to use a text editor as the presentation source. It’s hard to read and also requires a semi-transparent background.

Also, that update delay interval sucks.

Vision: Beautiful Game Data Presentation on Stream

I’ll be flexing some C# and WPF expertise to make Vision, an independent application which will act as a transparent screen overlay that will support modules purposed for the displaying of different types of Omnified game data.

Shows some design-time "footage" of a Vision statistics view.
Vision being worked on.

The first module is going to be Vision.Statistics, for the display of Omnified exported/hacked game data. You’ll be seeing the game stats on stream as they actually are in real time. A whole lot of other really sexy looking effects that will “accentuate” what we’re looking at will be getting thrown in as well.

No spoilers…but it’s going to be amazing!

Along with the work on Vision, I’ll be formalizing an Omnified exported game file schema and mechanisms that will export the assembly-mined data into some nice JSON for easy reading.

The Apocalypse event log will also eventually get a Vision module (although the jury is still out as to whether that’ll be right away, or after another Omnified game or two).

No Streams While I Focus on This

Streaming has become a very familiar habit to me — however, I must put a pause to it so I can focus all energies on making Vision. The Omnified experience can’t continue to evolve without this, and it’s only the first of a few products that I plan to add to this Omnified ecosystem.

How long will this take? I don’t know. Could be weeks; could be over a month. But, I’m going to get this done first, and then when I’m back, you’re going to see some super polished and insane stuff the likes of you’ve…well, never seen before!

Thanks for your patience, I look forward to making folks laugh and whatever else it is they do while watching as soon as I can.