Omnified is back baby.

You heard me. Omnified streams are back in action baby.

Priorities have shifted a bit over here at Bad Echo, specifically in regards to a new focus on development work for an upcoming game of my own, and other fun stuff.

But the world just ain’t the same without me ruining your favorite games with my hack saw. So it’s coming back, on the very same day that I post this, and the first game we’ll be Omnifying is Elden Ring.

The New Schedule (Central Time Zone)


  • Omnified Stream




      • Omnified Stream




          • Omnified Stream

          You can find me live on my lil ol’ Twitch stream during the times posted above, hacking games once again.

          A More Relaxed Crazy Format

          Unlike previous iterations of the Omnified experiment, we’ll be keeping the streams relatively short: about two to three hours tops. Whatever we get done, we get done.

          If it takes 20 years to Omnify one game, so be it. This will allow me to stream while taking care of all the other stuff that needs doing!

          See you there!